About us

I am Riikka Leppänen, an Irish terrier enthusiast from Vantaa Finland, where I live with my husband Mikko and our three ITs. Three young future hopes of our team live in their own homes in Espoo, Helsinki and Kouvola.
I’ve had Irish terriers in my life since 2005 when I got my first one from Kennel Quiet Riot. She has been all I ever wished for and a good example of an IT I wish to be able to breed in the future: super temperament, open and friendly character, healthy structure suitable for all activities and correct, easy to trim coat.
All our dogs live happy, active lives as family members with long walks and hikes, obedience, rally-o and agility training and blood tracking. All of them are also shown from time to time. We do health and character testing of all of our dogs, regardless of whether they are used in breeding or not.

I have been a member of The Irish Terrier Association of Finland (ITAF) since 2004, a board member 2006-2008 and 2015-2017 and the president of ITAF 2013-2014. During the years I have been a member of the character test committee, the breeding committee and the journal committee in our association.
I’m also a member of Finnish Kennel Club, I’ve passed the basic class for breeders in 2007 & 2016 and the advanced class for breeders in 2016. I’ve signed the Finnish Kennel Club’s commitment for breeders in 2015. The affix Eireann was confirmed for me by the FCI in July 2016.

The first Eireann Irish Terriers will see the daylight at earliest in 2020 but in meanwhile you are more than welcome to follow our journey here!


With Oskari & Rilla at Rajasaari dogpark in 2015, photo Ulla Rikula